A cry’s tomb

As the horizon engulfs the moon I saw the wind turning pitch black The darkness so vivid The light of heaven turns back The thread that tied lovers Starts to choke their neck A Longing that once filled their hearts Is now where hatred dwells Love starts to bleed in vain Witnessing children's souls burn … Continue reading A cry’s tomb


My beloved

Meet me tonight With the world, out of sight As the candles starts to flicker Adorn my hair with your kisses Let me be engulfed by the darkness Be my light just until the dawn comes Take my hand and I'll create poetry Of the magic that you breathe You dance across the room Making … Continue reading My beloved

Inside the mind of emptiness

If you've noticed that I've not been posting recently or was posting irregularly then thank you for ACTUALLY reading my posts. I guess it can be said that depression is getting the better of me and this time I don't plan on posting it hidden inside poetic verses and this will be a short post … Continue reading Inside the mind of emptiness