Corrupted cathedral

I'm slipping Into the cracks of darkness Darling, hold me but soft For fragile I am, I'm not insane yet Running from a ravaged truth' clutches In this pit of your heart That doesn't cease to churn I'm but a minor chord I struck as not a wave A rippleless drop, I'm not to be … Continue reading Corrupted cathedral


A cry’s tomb

As the horizon engulfs the moon I saw the wind turning pitch black The darkness so vivid The light of heaven turns back The thread that tied lovers Starts to choke their neck A Longing that once filled their hearts Is now where hatred dwells Love starts to bleed in vain Witnessing children's souls burn … Continue reading A cry’s tomb

Inside the mind of emptiness

If you've noticed that I've not been posting recently or was posting irregularly then thank you for ACTUALLY reading my posts. I guess it can be said that depression is getting the better of me and this time I don't plan on posting it hidden inside poetic verses and this will be a short post … Continue reading Inside the mind of emptiness